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Book Review Policy

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog ‘Romance Reader’. If you are an author or publisher interested in sending me a book for review, I will gladly consider your request. Please read the following information explaining my reading preferences, book review information, ratings, and requests. I am happy to accept review copies from publishers, publicists, authors, agents, etc.

My preferred genre

I am open to all genres but romance, young adult, and contemporary romance fiction are my favourites. 

Formats accepted for reviews

I accept paperbacks and hardcovers. 

Time Frame

Please give me a minimum of 3-4 weeks to read and review the book. It might take longer if I already have overwhelming review copies.

Review Policy

My review stays unbiased and free of any influence. I strongly believe in providing honest and genuine reviews. Do not ask me to review your book if you’re not looking for honest criticism.

Any criticism in the reviews is directed towards the book and NOT towards the author.

Rating System

5 stars: Amazing. 

4 stars: I loved it.

3 stars:  Liked it.

2 stars:  It was okay.

1 star: Did not like it.

Where do I post my reviews?

I post reviews on my blog, Instagram, and Goodreads.